Dance Poles

If you’re a professional dancer or a beginner, Isnt She Pretty pole dancing shop has the perfect answer.

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Top selling pole dancing and exotic dance DVD’s. Professional dancers or beginners.

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Exotic Dancewear

Indulge yourself with the ultimate exotic dancewear outfits, lap dancing clothing and stripper shoes.

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Welcome to Isn't She Pretty Pole Dancing Shop

Isn't She Pretty pole dancing specialist introduces you to a world of pole dancing with professional dance poles and pole dancing accessories. If you ever wanted to learn to pole dance you have found the perfect pole dancing website.

Isn't She Pretty are the manufacturers of the Pole Delights professional dance pole. Buy a custom made removable or fixed dance pole. Our dance poles are used by teachers of pole dancing at gyms and are popular for home use.

Find a unique best sellers range of learn to pole dance DVDs and art of exotic dancing DVD's from world famous pole dance teachers. For absolute beginners, to intermediate and advanced dancers. Many of our DVDs are exclusive and you just cannot buy on the UK high street.

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Choose the best in exotic dancewear clothing and footwear. Find the perfect stripper shoes, lap dancing accessories and pole dancing clothing.

Discover the art of pole dancing and let Isn't She Pretty allow you to open up a world of seductive imagination and unleash your deepest desires.